6 Advanced Ways To Build Dofollow BackLinks

6 Advanced Ways To Build Dofollow BackLinks
6 Advanced Ways To Build Dofollow BackLinks  

The exact details of Google's search algorithms are not public information, making it difficult to know exactly what a search giant is looking for for quality websites.

One of the most often misunderstood aspects of these quality positions is the importance of building a “white-hat” link as part of a solid SEO strategy. This term refers to the desire to create a better product or service that people will want to link to (a "white-hat" index) and that over time may increase your search results.

Confusion with the white hat was fired in mid-February 2015 Google Hangout by John Mueller, one of the webmasters of the search company: Mueller warned of the practice of creating a "spammy link", meaning companies are violating Google's policies by purchasing links from websites or finding sites that don't link back.

In November 2015, Google helped relieve the problem by releasing a comprehensive, 150-page guide outlining the company's search quality standards. The move was intended to allow webmasters to set up appropriate sites that would avoid the penalties that come with regular updates by Penguin and Panda (Google's algorthms for cases such as duplicate or duplicate copies).

Anyone who has not yet had time to read about Google's great book and all the forums, blogs, and comments, here are some tips on how to get incredible quality links that drive your site to the top of the search rankings.

1. Examine what your competition is doing.

The first step in developing a link building strategy is to understand what works for others. No matter what you search for online, there are already many results for it.expect to compete with these existing sites, you need to play the same game.

One of my favorite tools for researching incoming links to any website is the standard Backlink Tool (my blog lists some of my favorite backlink tools).

With the standard Backlinks tool, you can add up to 10 websites to see which backlinks are all the same. If everyone has an incoming link from a particular website, that website is likely to be a reliable and respected source for your industry.

You do not want to be the only website that focuses on entrepreneurs who are not included on major sites like Entrepreneur (you know others). It is an indication that you are not a reliable source of information.

Once you understand what the competition is doing, you can create a link-building strategy that will list you among the leaders.

2. Build business relationships.

Now that you know who to identify, it's time to build business relationships with those influential companies.

Journalists and other business professionals hate spam and often ignore requests from strangers. To be noticed, you will need to engage with their communities.

On a site like the Huffington Post, gaining the attention of a blogging team is as simple as linking your Facebook account and leaving relevant comments on topics. HuffPo is a community-based blogging site that informs and promotes the input of its members. You can also reach out to its employees by finding their names and email addresses, either in individual articles or in the company's masthead.

All businesses have contact details available on the company's website. Start a conversation with the company, introduce yourself and provide important information and tips to its employees. This puts you and your business in touch with the right people, who are likely to recognize you when you submit relevant content to your site, using it as a source.

HARO (Help Journalist Out) is another great place to sign up as a source (and as a blogger if that works). By subscribing to this service, you will receive targeted emails three times a day, a list of news journalists looking for sources are currently researching. When you provide relevant information, these authors often provide backlinks to your site when they quote you about their stories.

3. Guest-post with relevant content.

Just in case you want something done right, your best bet is to do it yourself. Posting visitors directly to the right sites is one of the best ways to strengthen your status as a topic expert. Unfortunately, for marketers (and fortunately readers), posting visitors is so commonplace that publishers get a choice about what content they will accept and to whom.

In order to successfully add guest posts to a blog, you will need to fully understand the tone and voice of the publication. You can then create direct, probable and inconsistent content that complies with the site guidelines.

In order to effectively use guest posting as an SEO link building tool, you will need links within content, with various anchor text showing Google your site is an appropriate source for one to five keywords related to the topic.

Think about how you view the television program compared to commercials. Although marketing is an effective marketing tool, you want your content to be part of the show. Instead of selling directly, you point out the amount that leads students to you when they have problems you can solve.

4. Search for dead links.

There is nothing more frustrating than clicking a link to get more information, just the introduction and the 404 splash page ("not found page" notification). However, as a smart internet marketer, the failure of others to keep links updated gives you the opportunity to take an important backlink to your website.

Whenever you come across a broken link while researching information in your industry, contact a publishing editor to identify you and offer an alternative within your site.

If you can't explain to the publisher why that backlink is damaged

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