Google artificial intelligence

Google artificial intelligence
Google artificial intelligence

In an interview with the BBC, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, talked about AI (AI), quantum computing and company independence, among others.

For a technology company leader, within the next 25 years AI and quantum computer will completely transform our lives. Pichai compared AI to other things like fire and electricity, saying that the change it might bring would be huge.

The ingenuity of the implant may be a technology that replicates the processes of human understanding of machines. Several companies like Google and Amazon are already using it to try to to certain processes because it works well and makes a couple of mistakes. The Quantum computer works with qubits, not bits. this suggests that it can use combinations of 1 and 0 in several provinces and open up opportunities in new algorithms and thus make it work with unparalleled size.

“There are things about how we make computers today which will always be better. But there are some things where quantum computing will open up new solutions, "Pichai said in an interview.

He was also asked about the conflicting issues the corporate is facing. Regarding complaints made that Google regulates Internet search, he said the platform may be a free service which there's always the chance to use another program . Another criticism was that the corporate sought legal advice to scale back its taxes. during this regard, Fotoi said this is often not the case, that today Google is one among the most important taxpayers within the world and complies with all tax laws.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing will transform our world into the longer term of the fourth century predicted by Sundar Pichai,chief military officer of Google Alphabet, in an interview.

The tech giant said that AI, which is where machines are designed to mimic the human mind and solve problems, would have a far greater impact than any major development in recent history.

"I expect it to play a fundamental role in every aspect of our lives," he said, during a podcast recorded by BBC news editor Amol Rajan. "The progress of AI remains in its infancy but I see it because the most profound technology that humanity will ever got to work on and that we need to confirm we use it for communities to their advantage."

He said he expects it to play a key role altogether aspects of our lives from health to education thus far in how we do things and use knowledge.

"I consider it a really deep technology," said Pichai. “When you think that of fireside or electricity or the web , that's right, but i feel it's extremely deep.

“Over time we'll affect very smart plans. It can make people more productive than we ever thought but we've to affect all the changes which will cause that point , but fortunately we are gone for many years . ”

Back in 2014 Google, before the creation of the Alphabet, bought the united kingdom based DeepMind, a beginnings of artificial art founded by child chess prodigy Demis Hassabis.

With quantum computing Pichai said it could take tons of chances: "Now you'll catch this complicated because you'll follow many provinces."

Older computers tend to consider the planet with binary terms like 0 and 1, either closed or continuous, but within the world things are less certain and exist between 0 and 1. Quantum computers are ready to explore these provinces - within the midst of opening up opportunities to count things that were previously impossible.

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