Is private health insurance worthwhile if I am healthy and well?
If you are healthy and fit, the high cost of health insurance is difficult to justify. If this is right for you, there are some pros and cons to help you determine this.

Staying fit and healthy for a thousand years to reach the age of thirty, it is hard to fear when I see my health insurance premium disappearing from my bank account every month.

Dividing my hard work into something that I often do not reward in the short term is not an idea of   my good times.

I suspect that I am not alone in this way. Many young Australians are struggling to justify the cost of private health insurance, especially since the premium passes this time of 1 April each year.

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So, if you maintain an active lifestyle, are rarely ill and have no major health concerns, is private health insurance really worth it?

Why do I keep my card? Cover Factories:
For me, these are additional features that make me invest in private health insurance. Keep me active and watch my physio throughout the year, I wear contact lenses, so I have to accept that it is better not to stay too far out of pocket.

Additional costs of many services that are not protected by Medicare such as Chero, Dental, Solution Massage can help, and sometimes the cost of essential medical gym members and quit smoking plans.

Physician and Hospital Selection:
Another map of private health insurance is the freedom to choose your own doctor or hospital. For example, if you are planning a family and you have a hospital covered with gold, you will have the flexibility to choose your own private pediatrician and the participating hospital where you work.

I gave birth to my daughter last year and I really appreciate her determination in choosing a pediatrician as suggested by family and friends, especially for the birth of my first child, when I don't know what to expect, So a thousand questions pediatrician (he swears me, I swear).

Concession for those under 30 years of age:
If you are under 30, you may be eligible for a 10% discount at your hospital, which can save you up to $ 200 per year on a $ 2000 policy.

Children 18–29 years of age under 30 may be eligible for a 2% discount every year when they first purchase a hospital up to a maximum of 10%.

Short wait time for election results:
The waiting period for the Australian election has increased due to the COVID-19 backlog. Electoral surgery, while not an emergency, is considered medically necessary and involves the removal of small teeth or tonsils or reconstruction of the knee in younger patients.

As a private patient, you usually do not wait until the election. If you decide that personal health is not for you, it is important to consider whether you can wait for surgery and how your income may be affected if you are unable to work due to injury.

What are the disadvantages of private health insurance? price tag:
Although the above seems like a lot, there is a downside to everything. For private health insurance, the cost is difficult to pass.

Premiums have increased by more than 50% on average over the last ten years, so it makes sense that many Australians might reconsider their cards. If the cost of private health care is difficult to justify, you can consider it before considering removal.

You can get the same cover in other funds at a cheaper price. You have health insurance comparison services like iSelect that can do legal work for you.

Space Payment:
Paying a premium each month will cover you with many expenses, however, depending on the size of your cover, you will be referred to as out-of-pocket expenses or expense payments for procedures and treatments.

It depends on the doctor you choose the medical bill. A vacancy occurs when you can get back from Medicare and your health insurer.

This can be confusing:
Although insurance companies have recently tried to easily understand health insurance products in gold, silver, bronze and primary categories - sometimes you may think that when you actually try to find cover your head will burst. . .

There is nothing worse than thinking that you are coming for a treatment to find out that you are not hospitalized. If you don't know what kind of cover you need or are hiding, it's a good idea to chat with a comparison service like iSelect to help you understand your preferences.

If 2020 has taught us anything, you cannot put any value on your health, and the feeling of COVID-19 is the peace of mind that private health insurance can provide you. More important than ever. If you are talking about saying 'ali madalara' in your health insurance and you decide to go to a hospital to cover the way, remember that after the age of 30 you will get a loading bill at Health Lifespace ( LHC).

Whichever option you choose is perfect for your budget and lifestyle, it can serve you well if you make the time for shopping that you like best (and you get a few extra hundred in your pocket Can take dollars). Policies that you do not sell premium deductions from your bank account every month.